Travis – 20 tab

Travis - "20"

Capo on 2nd

Chords G 230033
       C 032010
       D 000232
       Cadd9 032033
       D* 000132
       Dsus4 000233

Intro: G   Cadd9 x2 

 G  (take fingers off of E and A strings a few times to get right sound)


G    D     G
Sure its a gas

            C       D
Stuck in an english class

D     D*   D
Can't even dream

       G       D                      C
So its hard to accept the role you're given

            G             D              C
When you're sitting there staring at the ceiling

        G           D             C          D
Wishing you were so very far from here

When you're 13

G   Cadd9

All other verse's the same

On the oh's near the end play:  D     Dsus4

End on G    Cadd9  x2
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