Another Sleep Song tab with lyrics by Travis - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Travis – Another Sleep Song tab

Orginal version of Graham Nash, though I think Travis' version is better!

Intro: Bm

Bm                          G
All is need is someone to awaken me
A                                 Bm
Much of me has gone to sleep and I'm afraid to wake up
Bm                                 G
Shake me by the shoulders if I'm lying with you now
        A                          D
When I talk about the time I sleep awake
          A                Bm     G  A  Bm
When it's hard to face the day

Verse2- (same as above)
When I think of all the love that's taken me
How much do I get to keep and much should I give up?
Shake me by the shoulders if I'm lying to you now
I'm listening to the lies inside my head
Who can hurt you in your bed?

F#m                         G
Fear of other people is a thing I hate
  F#m                         G
I travel in a bubble and I can't relate
  F#m                        G
Something is happening to my head
I don't want to hurt you
        G                     Bm     G   A Bm
But I never heard a word you said

Bm G A Bm

Has this empty hollow heart forsaken me
I wonder if I'll ever get to feel like I did before I grew up
Shake me by the shoulders if I'm lying to you now
There's no time to waste another day
As we watch them fly away 

end with Bm!
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