Travis - My Last Chance tab

"My Last Chance" by Travis
From "My Eyes" single (2007)

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Standard Tuning


C F Em F e|--------------|-------------|--------------|-------------|B|--------8--5--|--6--5-------|--------------|-------------|G|--5--5--------|-------7--5--|--4--5--4--5--|---4-----5---|D|--------------|-------------|--------------|-------------|A|--------------|-------------|--------------|-------------|E|--------------|-------------|--------------|-------------|
Intro: C-F-Em-F-;2x (with riff above) Verse 1: C F I won't hide and I want you back Em F G Oh no, it's a terrible mess C F But I happen to be in a hole today Em F G Oh no, get me there get me there Chorus: F Chance to see C A chance for hearts to beat Em F A chance for everything to live again F Dance with me C Oh darling, dance with me Em Where there's a melody F G There's a chance this could be (do intro chords with riff) My last chance Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1) Inevitably I'll find my head Somewhere over there, over there If you'd give me a chance I'd get out my bed I'd change in a beat All I need is a **Repeat Chorus **Interlude (Do intro with riff) **Orchestral interlude (C-F-Em-F-;) **Repeat Chorus (do intro/riff) 4x My last chance.... **Outro (same as intro)
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