Travis - Re-offender tab

Travis Re-Offender


|-----------------------------------------------------||---0--0--3-3-----0--0-0-0----------3-3----0--0--0----||-4--------4-4--2-------2-2----0--0--4-4--2-----2-2---||----------------------------5------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------|(times 2)
Verse:|---------2-2--------0--0------0-0---------0-0--------||---0--0---0-0----0----0-0----0-0-0------0--0-0-------||-4-------------2--------------------1-2--------------||---------------------------5-------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------| (times 2) Em Abut im fooling myself Em Aim fooling myself
Chorus: Bm G Em G Cos you say you love me, But you do it again, you do it again Bm G Em G and you say your sorry, but you do it again, you do it again (repeat verse and chorus) interlude is just the intro and verse played again chorus repeated twice with words, once without outro:
Order of the song: intro verse chorus verse chorus interlude chorus times 3 (once without words) outro
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