Travis – Under The Moonlight tab

this is under the moonlight with NO capo!

A E F#m D 4x
A               E
Can you see the moonbeam 
         F#m           D  
And the colours of the lights 
A             E              F#m  D
They're like flowers blooming in motion 
A             E
Watching them fade 
          F#m              D   
The last fireworks of the night 
A  E F#m D

I begin to wake 
To relive this memory 
When the answer is clear and beyond belief 
There's a gift of love 
That awaits the final day 
     D   E
But tonight 
Fm A D
Fm A D
Bm D
Bm A

Fm              A             D         E
Under the moonlight with the one you love 
Fm             A           D           E
Under the big sky for the one you love 
        Bm                          D
Riding under the moonlight with the one you love
       Bm              A
Going places together tonight

In the far distance 
As the dream nears the end 
And summer lovers pass the time 
Holding on to what they can't keep 
Into the horizon 
Where the ocean meets the sky 
So gather up your voice 
'Cause tonight's the night 

Refrain again

sorry don't have the bridge!
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