Treaty Of Paris - Here Goes Nothing chords

Treaty Of Paris
Here Goes Nothing
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

chords used:
Eb -   x68886
Bb -   x13331
Cm -   x35543
G# -   466544
Bb/D - x587xx
C# -   x46664

Chorus 1: Silence
Eb Everybody
Cm Bb/D Testing 123
Eb Everybody
Cm Bb/D Here goes nothing
Distortion: Cm--G#--Eb--Bb--Eb--Eb-- Verse 1:
Eb This pen can't write the words
Cm Bb/Das fast as I can think them up
Eb In a state of half-awake
Cm Bb/D EbI fill the page with all my frantic thoughts
CmI hope one day you'll get to read
Bb/DWhat I don't have the guts to say
Eb I hate how the words translate
Cm Bb/Din normal conversation So
Chorus 2:
Cm Everybody
G# Testing 123
Eb I know you're listening
Bbso I hope I don't mess this up
Post Chorus: Eb--Cm-Bb- Verse 2:
Eb This verse was the first I wrote
Cm Bb/Dwhen I didn't know what to say to you
Eb Now my hand is cramping up
Cm Bb/DCuz when I'm here I'm not afraid to
Eb Write down the words
Cmyou hear right now
Bb/DI sing them loud I
Ebshout them out Hello it's me
CmCan I have your
Bb/Dattention please? Now
(Repeat Chorus 2) Chorus 3:
Cm Everybody
G# Here goes nothing
Eb I know you're listening
Bbso I'll keep my fingers crossed
Interlude: Eb--Cm-Bb/D- Bridge:
G#yeah ohh.. ohh..
Eb I know you're probably
not impressed
G# ohh.. ohh..
Eb I know it sounded better
C#in my head
ohh.. ohh..
G#But if i don't get this out
BbYou'll never hear how
How it goes Chorus 4:
Cm G# Everybody Listen closely
Ebto the words I sing
Can I please have
Bbyour attention now?
(Repeat Chorus 2) (Repeat Chorus 3) Outro: Eb(hold)
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