Treble Charger - Hole In Your Head chords

Treble Charger
Hole In Your Head
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Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -    022100
E/G# - 476xxx
B -    x24442
C#m -  x46654
A -    x02220
F#m -  244222
G -    320033
Am -   x02210
C -    x32010


Verse 1:
E what's that poking
Bunderneath your shirt
E whats that mirror in
Bwhat you call dirt
G why dont you just tell
E C#m me where it hurts
C A E(hold) not that i can help you
E B C#mnothing here can save you
A Am E but you don't wanna go home
Eis there nothing that
B C#mescapes through
C Athe hole in your head
Interlude: E--B-- Verse 2:
E on the table is
Byour only friend
E want to be together
Bin the end
G one less problem that
E C#myou'll have to send
C A E(hold) to no one else except you
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
E C D A i dont like you
(Repeat x4) Interlude: E-- (Repeat Chorus twice) Outro:
E B C#m don't want it
C A E don't need it
E A C#m C A E(hold) don't wanna help
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