Treble Charger - Popcorn Chicken tab

hey ppl!
this is Winno again, back from getting Can't Wake Up and Cold Feet onto the net (thanks
to my Teacher who can tab about any song you give him). This tab my Teacher kinda tabbed.
We only have like 20minutes together, so he didn't have enough time to tab it properly.
This is the only and closest thing to Popcorn Chicken (found on the original first album
by Treble Charger, under the name NC17, the original band name, until they found out
there was already an NC17)

Tuning: Drop D (DADGBE)
Key: *=Let ring
     /=Slide up
     \=Slide down
     <>=Double Pick

Intro:e|----|----|B|----|----|G|-7*-|-7*-| Just let it echo, or keep strumming lightly for all the chord D|----|----| changesA|-5*-|-5*-|D|-0*-|-7*-|
Middle Parts:e|-----|-----|-----------| |------|-----|-----|B|-----|-----|-----------| |------|-----|-----|G|-\4*-|-/7*-|-7\6/7/9\7-| |-/12*-|-\4*-|-/7*-|D|-----|-----|-----------| |------|-----|-----|A|-\2*-|-/5*-|-5\4/5/7\5-| |-/10*-|-\2*-|-/5*-|D|-----|--0*-|-----------| |------|-----|--0*-|
And thats about it Just try to listen to the Guitar 1 parts instead of the Crazy Guitar 2 parts. Its kinda accurate, although not really. Well um..... yeh This is a tab by ME!! Winno! First posted on Ultimate Guitar Don't go around ptting this tab onto other sites, that happened with my Can't Wake Up tab. Winno
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