Treelines - Ghost Towns chords

alright, so another kamloops turned vancouver awesome band. The song im tabbing is the
acoustic version of treelines, that Matt lockhart personaly over twitter ( @iCalvin_J ,
@treelines)told me what the chords were .

"it's playing in D fingering. (D-G-Em-A). on the D I'm messing around by putting my
pinky down beside middle finger (Dsus)" - Matt lockhart

The acoustic version is played with a capo on the tenth, i know you're probably saying
"what is he talking about?" see for yourself at the blog website if that doesnt work, just search 
Treelines at Giants of the forest

So what hes saying to me is; strum your up down pattern and every second set put your
4th finger on the 13th frett
DMe and my brother we grew up with one another
Gwe never had any plans
DUntil one summer, we went and told our mother
GWe're forming a traveling band!
DWe'll go to cities, cities and other countries we'll travel to the
Gopen sea
DLike Simon Fraser, our pension for adventure
Gwill lead to discovery!
Em AI had a ship, and my brother had a map
Em Awe joined with some honest men
Em A DWe trimmed the sails, and pointed out to distant land
GAll aboard all hands!
DI went to see her, I went up there to see her
GBefore I set sail again
DI told my lover, I told her that I loved her
GThis isn't the way we are
DI'll go to cities, cities and other countries
GIt's bound to get dangerous
DBut I'll be careful, my heart will remain faithfull
GShe'll know it's the truth that counts!
Em AI'll write her letters where I trace around my hand
Em AAnd she can trace her hand in mine
Em ATwo-thoasand miles will dissapear between the lines
DWe set sail
In moon light
GOur van is the ship and the sea is the night
DTreelines! Float past
GThe ghosts of the land-locked, and I'm staring through the glass
D GOf Ghosts Towns we pass
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