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Artist: Willmon Trent
Song: On Again Tonight Trent Willmon Sheet Music
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Trent Willmon
"On Again Tonight"

Capo 4

Intro: G  C9  x2

C9                         G        C9                G
I'm glad you picked up the phone, I know that we both agreed,
C9                    G                             Em7
We'd leave each other alone, we're just wastin' our time,
                 C9                     G                     D    
We know it ain't right, there's no goin back, but havin' said that,

                      G         C9                      G         C9
I wish you would come over, and drink my best bottle of wine,
                    G                     C9                        D
You could lay on my shoulder, and I could lean on you just one more time,
          Em7                  D
You could mess up my head, and mess up my bed, 
    G                        C9
And leave before the morning light,
                G                    C9       G
But I need your on again, off again, on again tonight,

C9                       G             C9                     G
I don't expect things to change, we've got to get on with our lives,
C9                   G                       Em7
Space is a beautiful thing, when you need to move,
                   C9                        G                          D     
I don't know about you, but I'm lonely right now, I'm just thinkin' out loud,

     Em7                    D                            
Well no I don't care, I can come over there,
            G                         C9
and I could drink your best bottle of wine,
                  G                    C9         
Cause I need your on again, off again, on again,
     G                    C9       G           C9
Your on again, off again, on again tonight,
Again tonight,
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