Trespassers William – Safe Sound chords

Safe Sound 
Trespassers William

Capo on 3rd fret

The lyrics are too sustained for me to go thru and match up, but heres the chords

C, D, Am

G, D, Am


I forget 
Tell me again 
What do you want 
You'll be close not close enough 
Not close enough for my kind of heart 
You say words you can't take back 
Used to be love 
Now it's words hard to look at 
Hard to look at with the lights on 

In your head it must not sound so bad or why would you say it 
When you know I feel it 
Whistles through my bones 
Alone in a love 
The one that we started 
The one that you ended with some words 

Why'd I start before you said 
"I checked it out, it's safe and sound" 
Like I showed you right away 
All the things that eyes can say 

Where you are 
It must not look so bad or why would you do it 
When you know i feel it 
And my eyes are not afraid to cry their way through all you say 
I know that what we started 
I think that we ended
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