Treva Blomquist – Your Shadow chords

Your shadow

Written by Jeffery Deaver performed by Treva Blomquist for Jeffrey Deaver’s XO Album

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Original key- Capo 2       (all chord forms relative to capo)    

Verse 1

G BmYou walk out onstage and sing folks your song
A BmYou make them all smile what could go wrong?
G BmBut soon you discover the job takes its toll
EmAnd everyone’s wanting a piece of your soul
G D A D Em D A Verse 2
G BmYou sit by the river, wondering what you got wrong,
A BmHow many chances you’ve missed all along.
G BmLike your troubles had somehow turned you to stone
Em AAnd the water was whispering, why don’t you come home?
G D AWhen life is too much, just remember
G D AWhen you’re down on your luck, just remember,
G D Bm AI’m as close as a shadow, wherever you go,
G D Bm AAs bad as things get, you’ve got to know,
G AThat I’m with you… always with you.
GYour shadow.
G D A D Em D A Verse 3
G BmOne night there’s a call, and at first you don’t know
A BmWhat the troopers are saying from the side of the road,
G BmThen you see in an instant that your whole life has changed.
Em AEverything gone, all the plans rearranged
Chorus G D A D Em D A Verse 4
G A DYou can’t keep down smiles; happiness floats.
Bm EmBut trouble can find us in the heart of our homes.
G A DLife never seems to go quite right,
D AYou can’t watch your back from morning to night
Chorus x2 Enjoy! :)
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