Trevor Hall - Origami Crane tab

Trevor Hall - Origami Crane
Album - Trevor Hall (2009)

okay guys not too difficult of a song, i'm pretty sure i tabbed it out 100% correct in 
15 minutes so it better not take longer than that to learn it. of luck. trevor hall is a beautiful man who writes beautiful music...

CAPO: Fret 4

tabbed be Dan Berry

VERSE: (and majority of song)e:----------------------------------------------|B:----------0h1p0-------------------------------|G:-------0h2-----0h2-0------0-------0~----------|D:----0h2----------------0h2-2---0h2-- repeat--| 4xA:-0-0----------------3-3------2----------------|E:--0------------------3------3-3---------------|
and every 5th time he plays this instead, only a slight differencee:---------------0-----------------------|B:----------0h1h3-3p1--------------------|G:-------0h2---------2p0------0-------0~-|D:----0h2------------------0h2-2---0h2---|A:-0-0------------------3-3------2-------|E:--0--------------------3------3-3------| repeat that shit a whole bunch of times
CHORUS:(kinda hard to hear, but should be accurate. and if not it at least sounds A - C - G) listen for interchangese:-0----------------0--------3--------|B:-1----------------1--------3--------|G:-2----------------0--------0--------| repeat as need and when neededD:-2-strum----------2-strum--0-strum--| throughout the songA:-0----------------3--------2--------| its just A to C to GE:-x----------------x--------3--------|
thats really the whole enjoy everybody. this is my favorite song on the new album, show trevor some respect and play it well okay? tabbed by Dan Berry any questions or contributions hit me at peace
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