Trevor Hall - The Lions Mane tab version 1

			     The Lion's Mane - Trevor Hall
Tabbed by:JoshH7


this is done by ear so it's always possible that it's not right, but i'm pretty 
confident that it is.

pretty simple just listen to the song to play along with it there's a bit more at the end of the song but its 2 in the morning right now and its pretty simple to figure it out so i won't go in too much detail. Lyrics: Well I woke up in the Lion's Mane Kissing silhouettes of mountains dancing in the moonlight Am I awake or is this a dream? Or am I awaking into a state of wakefulness Buried deep in my deepest dreaming sleep? You can only guess what happened next I swallowed an apple seed and gave birth to angel's wings Which lifted me to the top of this orange grove Where I saw a man trying to count All the oranges All the trees And all the leaves Turns out this man was me Losing count and starting over Losing count and starting over Chasing my own tale until I got dizzy And fell asleep in the clouds Well I woke up in the Lion's Mane On a single lane road deep within God's Dreadlocks When I gave my banana to the blind man Only to realize who was really blind My eyes couldn't decide My eyes couldn't define My eyes couldn't see that this blind man was me We then continued to a village of meeting rivers Where Mother Earth washed me down and gave me a new birth Where my sight was restored And I could see all the gems hiding on the ocean's floor Well I dove in Actually did a canon ball And swam deeper and deeper As things got clearer and clearer And when I saw all of the sharks I wasn't afraid For this time enshrined in my heart was the Almighty's Name I think my sanity has gone insane I woke up in the Lion's Mane
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