Trey Parker – Up There tab


E                 F#m
Sometimes, I Think

       A                     E
When I look up, real high

            C#m                         B
That there's such a big world up there

  A                         B
I'd like to give it a try

E            F#m
but then, I sink

              A                                     E
Cause it's here I'm supposed to stay

      C#m                         B
But I get so lonely down here

           A                                               D
Tell me why does it have to be that way


A                       E
Up there, there is so much room

      A                             E
Where babies burp and flowers bloom

G                            D
Everyone dreams, I can dream too

E  E       F  F#m                            E
Up there, Up where the skies are ocean blue

  B                        D                              E           A
I could be safe and live without a care up there


They say I don't belong
I must stay below, alone
because of my beliefs
I'm supposed to stay where evil is prone
But what is evil anyways?
Is there reason to the rhyme
Without evil there could be no good
So it must be good to be evil sometimes

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