Trey Songz - Cant Help But Wait tab version 1

capo on 4 to make it easier. if not, you could play it the same but relative

main melody:

|--7---7---7-----7---5---3--2----2---0-- 0----0---2--3--5--||-----5---5-----5---------------0---0--- ----0-------------||----7---7-----7---------------2---2---- ---0--------------||--------------------------------------- ------------------||--3---------0-------------------------- ------------------||---------------------------0----------- 0-----------------|
chords: without capo intro, verse, chorus Emaj C#m G#m G#m pre-chorus Amaj G#m Amaj D#maj bridge Amaj Amaj G#m G#m F#maj F#maj D#maj D#maj with the capo on 4 it looks like this: intro, verse, chorus C Am Em Em pre-chorus F Em F Bmaj bridge F F Em Em D D Bmaj Bmaj a lot easier with the capo. enjoy
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