Trey Songz - One Love tab version 1

			     One Love - Trey Songz
Tabbed by: Dami (Dee Ay)

Tuning: Standard

*Song is simple and only uses two strings on the guitar (preferably electric if you have
The guitar part is only played in the intro and the chorus of the song, however it can
played throughout the verses as well though if the player is so inclined to do so.

** This Tab works best on a "Metal Stack" setting (what my amp calls it) or any slightly
sounding setting for your guitar on the amp.

*If the player wants, he/she can choose to slide 4/9 then 9\4 on the A string instead of 3/4 on the D string then jumping down to 9 on the A string to slide back up to 4. Its a matter of personal preference...I find for ease of playing it works better using D string then jumping quickly to 9 to slide back up since the jump isn't that bad once player has it down...but to each his own style. Try it both ways and decide which is more comfortable for you. | / slide up | \ slide down ************************************
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