Tribes – Sappho chords

Left handed
Just the basic chords to get you started with this great song.

Bb 	G#  G       Cm	 F

Met this girl last night
She's a real life dancer
The kind that will change your life
She just stepped right up and sat down
Took a brand new tiara and lying it on the ground

Dm	 Gm
Dm 	 Gm      F

She said
Are you healthy?
Do my pheromones make you happy?

Bb Eb Gm F Gm F

How do you tell a child that there's no God up in the sky
And it's all a lie
For nothing
How do you tell a son that his daddy left his mum when she fell in love with a girl like you?

With a girl like Sappho
With a girl like you

With a girl like Sappho
With a girl like you

Bb G# G Cm FTook a ride in her car
She had back seat speakers She took me to her favourite bar Where she kicked off her heels again Took a swing at the lampshade And whispered softly in my ear Then repeat the bridge and chorus a few times and you’ve got yourself a song. Enjoy. David.
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