Triffids - Trick Of The Light chords

(This is based on the version from "In The Pines".)

(Single Strums for this first part.)
CIt's only an image of her
D GJust a trick of the light
GI have a letter, familiar paper.
C DI keep a figurine in a locket
GIt's dedicated, engraved initials.
C DYellow photograph in a pocketbook
(This is the Chorus)
C DWell the rim of her mouth is golden,
G CBut her eyes were just desert sands.
C GBut that's not her.
C GThat's just the light.
C GOnly an image of her.
D GJust a trick of the light.
I have a letter, gives me directions Name of the street where I should turn. Spoke to a woman that burst into flames Saying "back to you honey, no returns". (Chorus) I was beating on her like an anvil. Beating her out of original shape. With that same old panic, caught on her face I copied the image of the ancient template. (Chorus) (Instrumental Break) There's a man, sowing sunflowers, There's a woman, weeping weeds. You can find no rest in sleep, You can find no peace in greed. (Chorus) x2 (Second time through the chorus, miss the first two lines and start at "Oh that's not her...".)
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