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This is my first gimme a break.  Same three friggin' chords throughout the entire song.  Listen 
the song and you will get the hang of it.  The guy rapping can throw you off, but YOU CAN DO IT!




F         G
Some call me a loser
Some call me a cheater
                       F          G
Some say I'm a selfish untalented dreamer
Cause all's I try to do is keep my dream alive
                    F                    G
But it's so hard to do when your working 9 to 5
I've never been one afraid to die
But I'm afraid to leave behind
                  G                    B#
The precious life that grows through the sands of time

Cause now I've got two daughters
I know they need their father
                     G                  B#
To help them make it through all of the devious things that people do
                   F                                 G
Cause every moment counts from the good times to the bad
I don't have time to envy those that got things I've never had
          F                               G
Cause the one thing most important is the one we take for granted
B#                                                           F
Until your life is on that line I think it's the way god had planned it
                G                 B#
To open up your eyes and make you realize

That to some life is money
But what's money without life
                   G                 B#
Cause all's I need is the air that I breathe

And my friends and family to believe in me

you get the point...

As deep as the abyss where the waters run
As deep as the land of the rising sun
You know I'm down
And even when the odds are against us
It doesn't even matter
Nothing else matters
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