Trinity – The Minstrel chords

 The minstrel- Trinity   

G DKind Sirs, Lovely ladies
EmThis tale you'll enjoy
G Dof the way love once started
Cadd9 D 3/8between maid and boy.
Em Bm7It began on an evening
C D Emwhere feasting was done.
C DHere our lover's encountered
Emand this tale has begun.
instrumental 1 C G Am C Em D/F# D/F# C Em G Am C Em D/F# D/F# Am verse 2
G D EmAs the lad looked around him with wandering eyes
G D Cadd9 D 3/8he beheld there a lady her look like the skies
Em Bm7 C D EmAs the sun seemed to bless her with flames in her gaze
C D Em't was this wonderful vision that filled him with praise.
verse 3
G D EmHis mouth longed to speak of the fire in his soul
G D Cadd9 Dto this beautiful maiden of virtues untold.
Em Bm7 C D EmBut before he could utter the words on his mind
C D Emshe had gone away, vanished and left him behind.
Instrumental 2 C G Am C Em D/F# D/F# C Em G Am C Em D/F# D/F# Am verse 4
G D EmAs he caught himself staring, his eyes open wide,
G G Cadd9 D 3/8gazing down at the place where she fled from his sight
Em Bm7/E C/E EmHe decided to seek her a quest for his love.
C/E D EmSo he gathered his valour and soon he set off
instrumental Em B7/F# G Am G/B C D D Em B7/F# G Am G/B C D D Em Em verse 5
Em Em/F# Em/G Em/A Em/BFor a day and a full night he rode and he sought
Em Em/F# Em/G Em/Aasking all he encountered where his love was brought.
Em Em/F# Em/F Em/A Em/BBy the trail that they showed him he wandered along,
Em Em/F# Em/G Em/A't was her image that led him and kept his love strong.
verse 6
G D EmKind Sirs, lovely Ladies, our tale is at end
G D Cadd9 DDid they spend their lived loving, or is their love spent?
Em Bm7 C D EmLove is found by the seeker and wants to be sought.
C D EmMay the Lord guard your pathways as you seek what he's stored.
outro C G Am C Em D/F# D/F# C Em G Am C Em D/F# D/F# Am Em B7/F# G Am Am G C D D Em B7/F# G Am Am G/B C D D D Em
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