Tripod – Too Many Remotes chords

AAll I wanna do
BIs watch TV with you
DBut I've got too many remotes
AIn my life
ATrying to watch a DVD
BWhich remote’s for the TV?
DDo I have to press AV?
Or is the input DVD slash LD TV slash slash something Oh, fuck!
D AWhat order do I have to turn things on?
D Ddim7Why am I hearing channel 9
EBut seeing 31?
During the vocal solo and spoken interlude vamp on: A B D A
D DmThey can put a man on the moon
ABut they can’t help me
D Ddim7It’s like I need Houston mission control
EJust to watch The Simpsons on TV
AWhen I have a house sitter come to stay,
BI have to set aside a whole day
DTo type a four page document
ABriefing them on what to do
AI’m so tired of all these buttons
BLook at how complicated life has gotten
D EToo many remotes!
During the spoken interlude, vamp on: A B D A
D EToo many remotes
D EToo many remotes
D EToo many remotes
In my- Yon: My mum’s still got one with the cord on it.
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