Tripod – Ghost Ship chords

EmSee the lonely township,
Bbmpeacefully sleeping,
Em Bbmthe sun hides once again behind the sea,
Emmost are safely dreaming,
Bbmangel kisses
*Yon makes kissing noises* and butterflies *Yon makes a weird roaring screetching noise*
Em BbmBut sinners can't escape so easily,
Am EmThe murderers, the thieves and the fruadulant,
Am GThe overweight, the working-class, the foreigners,
Am Emthey all must beware, for whats that looming there?
D B7an evil specter on the sea
Em C D* 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +|1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +|
e|- - 0 - - - - 0|- - - 2 - - - -|b|- - 0 - - - - 1|- - - 3 - - - -|G|0 - 0 - - - - 0|- - - 2 - - - -|D|2 - 2 - - - - 2|- - - 0 - - - -|A|2 - 2 - - 2 0 3|- 2 0 - - 3 2 -|E|0 - 0 - - - - -|- - - - - - - -|*I think Scod uses a different voicing of D but I'm not certain.
Em C DWaow, ghost ship,
Em C DGhost ship,
Em C DGhost ship, coming to get them,
Em C DGhost Ship, sinners beware,
Em C DGhost ship, ain't no escaping,
BThe ghost ship coming near.
*Yon does a high pitched toot-toot* What was that? It was the ghost ship *does toot-toot noise again* No man its got to be really scary. *Yon does a deeper toot-toot* No really disturbing. Oh... milky discharge. Ewww... yeah thats better.
GIts masts are made of piled up skulls,
Dits deck is made of human nuts,
Cits sails are made of sailor skins,
Dits guts are made of... guts.
EmIt's a feat of engineering
CI wonder who built it
I wonder who built it as well Yonnie
G Dout in the night, under the ocean sky,
C# CI was standing with my baby on the boardwalk and the ghost ship was there,
G AmI took her to the pictures,
Em Cand then I took her home,
G...and then I took her to heaven, you know what i mean...
Umm... I don't want to stop it or anything but I am going to go with some of the chuckles from the audience out there and suggest that a few of these punters have spotted the same inconscitencies in this song as I have. Um, when did this song become about some woman? Well I kinda figured that the guys love all the evil ghost ship, scary demonic muah boogyman kinda stuff. But as soon as you start to talk about love, now you have the ladies listening. Because the ladies want to imagine that they are making love to the singer. What?!?!?! Nah I read it in Rolling Stone go with me, right... 1e and a 2e and 3, 4 Chorus
Em CGhost Ship
D Em CMy baby kisses like a ghost ship,
D EmI touch my baby on her ghost ship,
C Dmy trousers are bursting...
Alright, Alright, just a minute here. I touch my baby on her ghost ship??? Where exactly is a woman's ghost ship? Don't you know? I don't think he knows! Anyway, anyway I cant believe I am saying this but i think that he is onto something. but you may be coming in a little too fast, now if you want to do this love thing you have got to create a bit of a mood. You have to get inside the head of a female girl, tell them what they want to hear. Can I give you an example? Chorus
Em C DGhost ship, Expressing my feelings,
Em C DGhost Ship, Being a good listener,
Em C DGhost Ship, Thoughtful companion,
I dont even know what this song is about anymore. It's like foreplay Yeah No!!! Its not about foreplay, its about a horrible spectral ship that comes and gets sinners. What are they wearing? NO!!! There is no focus, if there is a woman on it then its because she is a sinner. Do you get it? Right? Yeah
GThe woman's a sinner,
Dshe's going to be dragged away,
G DBut not before I bone her on the boardwalk 'till the morning comes,
C GI wrote a sentimental card
Am Emwith flowers and a pink design,
C GShe'll be torn apart by demons
DWhile she's touching my buns
Em C DGhost ship, caring environment,
Em C DGhost ship, den of the damned,
Em C DGhost Ship, Overtly Sexual
Empathy Lude Banshees Thoughtful Arse
EmGhost Ship!
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