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From: Neal Hinson 
Subject: y/yearwood_trisha/how_do_i_live.crd
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 11:50:02 -0700

Song: "How Do I Live"
Written by:  Diane Warren
Sung by: Trisha Yearwood
Originaly Sent by: Sandra 
Re-submited by: Neal 
From: the motion picture "Con-Air"

This was originaly sent in by Sandra, I made a few
corrections to the chords so that it sounds a little
more like the actual song.    -neal

Sandra Wrote:
"Capo on 1st fret. I play it without capo. (Video version)"

                      "HOW DO I LIVE"
D A G A D A G . . .

E                         B
How do I, get through one night without you
            A  (I like "A2" here)
If I had to live without you
             B7sus           B7
What kind of life would that be
       E                    B
Oh and I, I need you and my arms need you to hold
Your my world my heart my soul
   G#m      C#m
If you ever leave
F#m                                  G#m        C#m
Baby you would take away everything, good in my life


E                          B
Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life
              B7sus          B7
There'd be no world left for me
    E               B
And I, baby I don't know what I would do
I'd be lost if I lost you
   G#m      C#m
If you ever leave
F#m                                 G#m        C#m
Baby you would take away everything real in my life


G        D
And tell me now
         A        G        A         D
How do I live without you, I want to know
         A           G          A        D
How do I breathe without you if you ever go
         A     Bm F#m  G
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I, How do I, Oh how do I live  

   A        Bm
If you ever leave
Em                                     A             Bm
Baby you would take away everything, I need you with me
Em                                          A          Bm A
Baby 'cause you know that you're everything good in my life

**Repeat chorus**
D A G A D A G .....D

A2: 00xx00
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