Tristan Prettyman – Trader Joes Song chords

Trader Joe’s Song by Tristan Prettyman

Artist:    Tristan Prettyman
Song:      Trader Joe’s Song
Tuning:    Standard
Tabbed by: Donnie Niemi
Email:     dniemi3 at hotmail dot com


A       577655
Am7     575655
Bm      799777
D       X00232
D7      X00212
F#m     779987
G       355433

Rhythm:  DUD  UU-UDUD

Basic rhythm goes down, up and chop (muted) down.  
Then you mute all strings do UU (slight pause) UDUDU

Example with D shape:

D U D(chop) U D U D U D UE |---2--2--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|B |---3--3--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|G |---2--2--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|D |---0--0--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|A |---0--0--x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|E |---------x--------x-x---x-x-x-x-x----------------------------------------|
Intro: D G B A
D GI saw you, at the produce stand
F#m ABy the tangerines, bananas in your hand
D GWe talk for five, yeah maybe more
Am D7 Slide upYou don’t got a girlfriend, anymore
G AAnd you’re pretty hot, and I’m always down
D (slide up) For the rebound Bridge: G D G D
D slide up GGotta knock it off, Gotta go to bed
F#m AYou and your Bananas, Stick in my head
Am D7 Slide upBut then you called, So I came
Am D7 Slide upThat’s what she said, For ten days straight
G ASo hit me up, Cause I’m always down
D (slide up) GFor the rebound
A D BI lost my number, Can I have yours and I’m
F#m D Anot positive, But I’m pretty sure
G AThat your pants, Would look better
On my floor
D (slide up) GTell me your name, One more time
B AWhile I check you out, At the checkout line
Bm D7You wave goodbye, And now he knows
Bm D7That magic happens, At Trader Joe’s
G ASo hit me up, Cause I’m always down
D G For the rebound
D G For the rebound
D G For the rebound
DFor the rebound
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