Trooper – Legend chords

AWell someone find his manager
DHe's doin' it again
AHe's stumbled to the lobby
EWith his little Pepsi friend
AThere's no use trying to talk to him
DIt's drivin' round the bend
AI was hopin', after Friday,
Dwe'd be spared another bout
ABut if we don't get him back to bed
EThey're gonna throw us out
AWhen the mounties hit the lobby
DHe started to shout
(little riff) And he said
AHave you got any idea
EWho I think I am
GIf you could see me on the stage
D You'd understand
A EFame and fortune's just a matter of time
D AHe's a legend in his own mind
(same chords as 1st verse and chorus) With hot blood and alcohol coursing through his veins A runaway stage coach with no one at the reins I've gotta hand it to him He's got more guts than brains Just said Kiss off Have you got any idea Who I think I am I'm a helluva guy I'm a one-man band Fame and fortune's just a matter of time He's a legend in his own mind Just go and ask him
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