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Troy And Gabriella – I Gotta Go My Own Way chords

Hi Its Shane.....Its My First Post....And I'm Sure its 100% Correct....!!!! I 
played it along with the track and it was so cool.....!!!! Its damn simple....So 
lets go....!!! :)

Capo 2


This pattern can be used throughout the song.......!!!!! Or U can even Modify it......I'll Put later...the modified version....... So the chords Used are....... Em7 022033
Cadd9 032033D Major 000232
G Major 120033 D* 000235 Don't Forget to put capo...On 2nd Fret Em7 Cadd9 D I gotta say what's on my mind.
Em7 Cadd9 Dsomething about us doesn't
seem right these days.
Em7 Cadd9 Dlife keeps getting in the way.
Em7 Cadd9 whenever we try, somehow the plan
D is always rearranged
Cadd9 Em7It's so hard to say,
D Gbut I've gotta do what's best for me.
Cadd9 Dyou'll be okay
Em7 Cadd9I've got to move on
D D* and be who I am
Em7 Cadd9 I just don't belong here
D G I hope you understand
Em7 Cadd9 We might find our place
D G in this world someday
Cadd9 D But at least for now,
I gotta go my own way. Same For 2nd Verse And Bridge....!!!!!! ;) Enjoy..........
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