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Trustcompany – Lonely tab

TRUST Comp - Lonely
Submitted By: douglas
EMail: dougieQB8@yahoo.com

hey this is douglas.First, let me say that this is my first tab.lonely is tight ass. 
well, here it is. its really close to being right.
lonely-TRUST company
tuning-drop d


then the beginning of the song
d-8-0-8--------- do this over and over againa-8-0-8---------d-8-0-8---------
then the distortion kicks in
d-8-0-8-0-10------ it keeps doing this a-8-0-8-0-10------d-8-0-8-0-10------
d-15-17------- it does this a lot and its really fasta-15-17-------d-15-17-------chorus is the same as the verse but with a lot of distortion
part after bridge
well, thats all i know. theres one more part at the end that i couldn't figure so if u have any questions or comments or u know the ending just email me at dougieQB8@yayoo.com
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