Trustcompany - Retina tab

ok heres my story, everyone has one... litterally for months i looked for the tab to
this song... then one day (recently) i tried looking for it again and i was excited to
find that someone had finally tabbed it!  Unfortunately the guy didnt know the "intro
riff thingy" as he called it, and thats the one thing I really wanted to know... I've
never tabbed anything before so i was afraid to try and figure it out for myself, but
i gained the courage tonight and voila here it is... i figured it out on my accoustic
(cuz its late at night) but its should be right, at least the notes are right (Bb - A
- F)... its a good start, allright!  im pretty sure its right, and im excited to try it
with my band.
There's still a transition part at the beginning i dont know. its the part right before
it goes into the first verse.  If anyone wants to tab that, you'd be doin me a favor.
maybe I'll do it...
anyway, enjoy and thank you to the guy who tabbed the rest, youre awesome! I hope you
don't mind i put your tab after mine.

In case you didnt know, THIS IS NUMBER 41 ON TRUE PARALLELS!

tunning  low to high  CGCFAD

guitar 1intro/outro riff thingyD[-----8p7------8p7------8p7-8p7-----8p7-----8------]A[----------8--------8-------------8-------8--------]F[--------------------------------------------------]C[--------------------------------------------------]G[--------------------------------------------------]C[--------------------------------------------------]
then with chorus comes in... and
guitar 1D[-----8p7------8p7------8p7-----7h8-----------]A[----------8--------8---------8---------------]F[---------------------------------------------]C[---------------------------------------------]G[---------------------------------------------]C[---------------------------------------------]
and then
you repeat those parts 4 times over this...
guitar 2D[----------------------------------------------------]A[----------------------------------------------------]F[----------------------------------------------------]C[-7----10----0----3----------------------------------]G[-7-x8-10-x8-0-x8-3-x8-------------------------------]C[-7----10----0----3----------------------------------]
then theres a transition here which i dont know yet, but im sure its not hard to figure out.
Chorus is same as the intro main riff above.
Second Verse:D[-------------------1------------3--1-0-----1/3/-----------]A[---------3--1---------------------------3-----------------]F[----4--2------4--2------0-4--2----------------------------]C[----------------------------------------------------------]G[----------------------------------------------------------]C[----------------------------------------------------------]
Chorus riff goes on for the rest of the song. And somewhere in the middle of the end, the intro riff thingy starts up again. On a personal note, I was sorry to hear trust company broke up, i would have liked to some more from them.
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