Trustcompany - Stronger Acoustic tab

Artist: TRUSTcompany
Song: Stronger (acoustic)ripped from enhanced cd
Album: True Parallels
Tuning: Standard...or if you like Eb!

Chords Used:e|--0--3--0----0-----0--|B|--0--3--3----4-----1--|G|--1--0--2----3-----0--|D|--2--0--2----0-----2--|A|--2--2--0----x-----3--|E|--0--3--x----x-----0--| E G Asus4 Dsus2 C
E Can you save me G Will you fail me now Asus4 E It's almost over cause you've faded out, again E Will you break me G When you're holding me down Asus4 Dsus2 I will escape you and I'll G D I'll push you closer to the ground Chorus: E G Cuz I am, stronger now C Since you crawled away Asus4 You're so far away E G And I am, stronger now C C Since you crawled away, since you crawled away Verse 2: (same as Verse 1) Never gonna save me You just shut me out And now it's over cause I'm stepping out, again Never gonna break me Just try and hold me down I will escape you and I'll Chorus Bridge: E-------------->
You want to tear me downE-------------->
You want to hold me downA-------------->
You can't control me nowA-------------->
You cannot take me outE-------------->
You cannot save me nowE-------------->Because I'm stronger now
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