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From: DUDEIFIED@aol.com
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 23:18:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: T.S.O.L. guitar tab

                               ABOLISH GOVERNMENT by T.S.O.L.


                       E  A  D  G  B  E
                   E5:0  2   2  x   x   x
                   A5:x  0  2   2   x   x
                 A#5:x  1  3   3   x   x
                  G5:3  5  5   x    x   x
                 F#5:2  4  4   x   x    x
                   F5:1  3  3   x   x   x
                                             Play this 3 times:
E----------------------------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------------------------| G-------------------------------14-14-14-14--15-14-12------------| D---14--14----14-14-14---14-14-14-14--15-14-12-------------------| A---14--14----14-14-14---12-12-12-12--13-12-10-------------------| E---12--12----12-12-12-------------------------------------------|
then this once. . . E-----------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------| G-----------------------------------------| D---14--14----14-14-14--16---15-----------| A---14--14----14-14-14--16---15-----------| E---12--12----12-12-12--14---13-----------|
MAIN PART use the rythym from the intro PLAY THESE CHORDS 3 TIMES E--E----E-E-E---A-A-A-A--A#-G THEN . . . ONCE E--E----E-E-E---F#----F PLAY THE WHOLE "MAIN PART" 2 TIMES (Listen to the song for guidance) LYRICS(To the best of my knowledge. If any one actually knows them email me at dudeified @ aol.com): Abolish Govenment, means nothing to me and Forget about God, he's not anything We live by a system of perfect mould, People, perfect people that are poor and old Life must rest on the man who represents Looking for nothing in this fucking democracy President the name, not just the label (I am sure that this is wrong) The highest man in the government table
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