Tsol - Soft Focus tab

Song- Soft Focus
Band- T.S.O.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty)
Album- Beneath The Shadows
Track- 01
Guitarist- Ron Emory

Beneath The Shadows is a very musical album and I believe Ron is using real chords,
I will provide the power chord versions so you can play which ever is your preference.
note the strumming patterns are never shown.)  If you have any questions/comments you 
email me at ghostp229@yahoo.com

Keyboard Intro transferred to Guitar: (I don't think a guitar is playing along with theduring the intro, but there are times later in the song where the keyboard is replayingintro and I think the guitar is playing along then.)e|---------8-7---------------8-7----------|B|----8--------8---8----8--------8--------|G|--7---7--------7----7---7--------7------| X2D|----------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
Guitar intro: (It's just a D chord strummed over and over and it kicks in halfwaydoing the keyboard intro for the first time) De|-2--------------------|B|-3--------------------| Play starting from halfway through theG|-2--------------------| Keyboard intro and continue to strum upD|-0--------------------| until verseA|-X--------------------|E|-X--------------------|
Verse: Note I'm not showing a strumming pattern, it's really easy and you should be ablefigure it out. If it helps you figure out the strumming pattern, this riff (whencorrectly) takes up two lines of the verse G C D G C Ae|-3--0--2--3--0--0-----|B|-3--1--3--3--1--2-----|G|-0--0--2--0--0--2-----| X2D|-0--2--0--0--2--2-----|A|-2--3--X--2--3--X-----|E|-3--X--X--3--X--X-----|
OR you can substitute the G and C chords for the power chord versions which would lookthis: G C D G C Ae|--X--X--2--X--X--0--|B|--X--X--3--X--X--2--|G|--X--5--2--X--5--2--| X2D|--5--5--0--5--5--2--|A|--5--3--X--5--3--X--|E|--3--X--X--3--X--X--|
Chorus: Again, I'll show the real chord and a power chord versions, but the power chordwill use real D and A chords. C D C Ae|--0--2--0--0--|B|--1--3--1--2--|G|--0--2--0--2--| X3.5 (after the third time through onlyD|--2--0--2--2--| play the first two chords, then go to the fills)A|--3--X--3--X--|E|--X--X--X--X--|
Power Chord version: C D C Ae|--X--2--X--0--|B|--X--3--X--2--|G|--5--2--5--2--| X3.5(after the third time through, onlyD|--5--0--5--2--| play the first two chords, then go to the fills)A|--3--X--3--X--|E|--X--X--X--X--|
NOTE: When the keyboard replays the intro it sounds like the guitar is playing along, only the first time. Guitar Fill 1: The guitar fill is simple and goes inbetween the keyboard replaying the the second time.
Guitar Fill 2: It's the same as guitar fill one with the exeption of the last two notes goes after the keyboard replays the intro the second time and this fill leads to the verse.
Verse 2: Is identical to verse 1. Chorus 2: Is identical to chorus 1. The Keyboard intro replays twice more. Guitar Fill 3: Is identical to guitar fill 1. Guitar Fill 4: Is identical to guitar fill 2.
Bridge: Is just a D chord with some feedback. De|--2--|B|--3--|G|--2--| X4D|--0--|A|--X--|E|--X--|
Verse 3: Is identical to verses 1 and 2. Chorus 3: Is Identical to chorus' 1 and 2. Outro: The outro is a little tricky, but easy once you understand it. It starts with a chord, and then Ron plays a couple of notes that sound like he's playing the notes that in a D chord, and then it goes into another fill and finally the song ends with Ron the D chord, slow and then gaining speed.
And here's that fill and ending: De|--8--7-----------------8--7--------2--|B|-------8--------8------------8-----3--|G|----------7--7-----7------------7--2--| Strum that last chord slowly,D|-----------------------------------0--| then speed up.A|-----------------------------------X--|E|-----------------------------------X--|
Lyrics: One day I lost my face in a crowd. I tried to call it back, the colors ran into the sand. I'd worn this face before now, and I looked out through these jaded eyes. Soft focus...soft focus... To watch the the picture tube, and see me fade from black to grey. Through the darkness I stumbled to, laughter in a darkened room. Though when I came through the doorway, the laughter seemed to fade away. Soft focus...soft focus... Oh can't you see me in this crowded room? God, can't you hear me in this... Headlights on the screen passing far away, I saw my eyes in the car, red light jumped on my face, on to the screen and left me here, I couldn't walk away...
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