Tsunami Bomb – 20 Going On tab

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Tsunami Bomb - 20 Going On
Submitted By: Mikhailo

Intro: (The intro consists of chords and a 
background melody playedat the same time.)
(Chords- Repeat twice and end on that G chord.)

(Melody- The melody is played three times, then there's a smallpause of about 2 seconds, after which it is played three times over.)e|-------------------|B|----6~--------6----|G|-------7~------7---|D|--5~--------5------|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
Verse Riff:
"Memory collecting." "A tear welling up..."e|---------------|---------------------|B|---------------|---------------------|G|--3--5—-7~-----|----3--5--7--10-8--7-|D|--x--x—-x~--5~-|----x--x--x--x--x--x-|A|--1—-3—-5~--5~-|----1--3--5--8--6--5-|E|------------3~-|---------------------|
I found it really hard to try and make some sense of the rhythm ofthis next riff when I wrote it down here, so you'll need to listen hardfor the rhythm on the cd. Chorus: (play the Riff two and a half times, the first time, finishwith the first ending that's labeled [---1st---] at the bottom, the secondtime, finish with the second ending, then the first ending again.
e|-------------------------|------|-------|B|-------------------------|------|-------|G|-------------7-77--------|-77-8-|--88-7-|D|--(5)(5)(5)--7-77--88888-|-77-8-|--88-7-|A|--(5)(5)(5)--5-55--88888-|-55-6-|--66-5-|E|--(3)(3)(3)--------66666-|------|-------| [(#) palm-muted chords][--1st--][-2nd--]
After the second and a half time, when you end with the 1stending chords, play this again...
Then play everything again form the Intro- Intro Verse Chorus, and the riff that follows it above here, BUT... End the riff above at the second to last chord instead ofthe last one, and go into these chords, which we'll call Chorus 2-
Chorus 2:e|-------|-------------------------|B|-------|-------------------------|G|--88-8-|----------7-77-------888-|D|--88-8-|-55-55-5--7-77--8-88-888-|A|--66-6-|-55-55-5--5-55--8-88-666-|E|-------|-33-33-3--------6-66-----|
Every time you play Chorus 2, end with the first the chordsto the left of this riff, except for the third and last time, end with thechords to the right. Listen to the CD to know how many times to hitthose two chords...
After that, you play everything from the Verse Riff again, but afterthe first Chorus Riff, play Chorus 2 like this- Verse Riff Chorus Riff Chorus 2 After the Chorus 2, play this 4 times...always end with theG power chord, except for the 4th time, end with the F power chordat the end of the riff.
Mike: "Turn your face..."e|-----------------|----|B|--6-6-6-6-6~-----|----|G|--8-8-8-8-8~-----|----|D|--8-8-8-8-8~--5~-|-3~-|A|--6-6-6-6-6~--5~-|-3~-|E|--------------3~-|-1~-|
After, play the Intro Riff once only, but the melody behindit is a little different now...same position and all, but the picking is this way-
After playing the Intro once, play this chord a lot of times-
Then the Chorus Riff once, followed by Chorus 2, and it finisheswith the little melody at the beginning beingrepeated several times. ================================================================================
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