Tubes - Shes A Beauty tab


Epic synth or whatever goes on, you can probably figure out that thats just a
 repeated A. Basically, just listen for the rhythm, as its near impossible to
 tab out funk rhythms, and play this chord to it. Any substitute for a normal
 A would work, but this one seems to fit the sound best for me.

Once the verse kicks in, a big sounding guitar comes in and plays a big G and D on the 3rd and 4th beat of every second measure. Again, just listen for the rhythm. In case you didn't know...
The 2 in parentheses in optional, if you so choose to play it. (Use your thumb, it looks badass!) ;) ____________________ Pre-Chorus: ____________________
Bm G A Bm G A Bm G A C C|--------------0--|-----------------|--------------0--|--3-2-0-2-3-2-0-2--||----3-2-----3---2|----3-2-----3---2|----3-2-----3---2|-------------------||--------4-2------|--------4-2---2--|--------4-2------|-------------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------||--2--------------|--2--------------|--2--------------|--3-------3--------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|
This is just a very generalized version of what MAY be played. The chords are shown above, and arpeggiating them in whatever suits your ear best is up to you. ____________________ Chorus: ____________________
AGAIN, very basic idea of what you may do during the chorus, the guitar is quite hard to distinguish during this part anyways. (F E D) G C D G E C D|--3--------------|----------------|--3--------------|------------------||--3--------------|----------------|--3--------------|--------5h6p5--7--||--0--------------|------x--5---7--|--0--------------|--------5------7--||--0--------------|------x--5---7--|--0-----2--------|------------------||--2--------------|------x--3---5--|--2-----2--------|------------------||--3--------------|------x--3---5--|--3--2--0--------|------------------|
You can mess around and find out little riffs, etc. that you think fit the chorus better, these are just ideas. The notes in parentheses are the awesome notes the bass plays, you know what I'm talking about. ____________________ Solo: ____________________
Even better with a whammy bar effect. | | v v|--15b17----------12-----|--12-----12-----|--12b14---12-11-10-------------||-----------12b14-----12~|--12br---12br---|--------------------13b14--10~-||------------------------|----------------|-------------------------------||------------------------|----------------|-------------------------------||------------------------|----------------|-------------------------------||------------------------|----------------|-------------------------------|
* = slight pinch harmonic ~ = vibrato ^ = kind of a rake effect, listen to the actual song to get a feel for what i mean v = pump that whammy bar ____________________ Bridge: ____________________ Keys do their epic thing, and you, being the guitarist you are, just chill and wait til the end of the bridge, and just hold that thunderous C. Maybe a C9 for the epic feel.
|-----||--3--||--5--||--5--||--3--||-(3)-| <- optional
But wait! Key change ZOMG!
BUT DONT FALL IN LOVE ____________________ Last Chorus: ____________________ Pretty much the same as the other two choruses, transposed up 2 semi-tones. Im almost too lazy to tab this out. AGAIN, very basic idea of what you may do during the chorus, the guitar is quite hard to distinguish during this part anyways.
Yes, that is copy pasta. ^^ (G F# E) A D E A F# D E|--5--------------|----------------|-----------------|------------------||--5--------------|----------------|-----------------|--------7h8p7--9--||--6--------------|------x--7---9--|-----------------|--------7------9--||--7--------------|------x--7---9--|--7-----4--------|------------------||--7--------------|------x--5---7--|--7-----4--------|------------------||--5--------------|------x--5---7--|--5--4--2--------|------------------|
Repeat, you're done. Feel free to leave any comments, requests, or suggestions, and please do. If you like my work, feel free to request other songs. This is the second song I've tabbed that didn't exist before on the internet, and I enjoy it. :) -LOL
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