Turbonegro - Le Saboteur tab

Song: Le Saboteur
By: Turbonegro
Transcribed:Hank Hermanni Margera

Introe|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|--------5----5-------------|D|--7----75----55----53----3-|A|--7----73----35----53----3-|E|--5----5------3----31----1-| A AC CG GF Ftwo times, then
Versee|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------7-777777-5-55-----------------------------------------|D|--7-77777-7-777777-5-55-5-57-777777-----------------------------|A|--7-77777-5-555555-3-33-5-57-777777-----------------------------|E|--5-55555---------------3-35-555555-----------------------------| A D C G A
Bridge(it's the "oooh oooh" part)e|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|--5-555555------------------------------------------------------|D|--5-555555-5-555555-7-777777-7-777777---------------------------|A|--3-333333-5-555555-7-777777-7-777777---------------------------|E|-----------3-333333-5-555555-5-555555---------------------------| C G A A
Choruse|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------|D|--3-3-5-55-7-777777---------------------------------------------|A|--3-3-5-55-7-777777---------------------------------------------|E|--1-1-3-33-5-555555---------------------------------------------| F G A
This is what is played during the soloe|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------|D|-5-555555-5-555555-7-777777-7-777777----------------------------|A|-5-555555-5-555555-7-777777-7-777777----------------------------|E|-3-333333-3-333333-5-555555-5-555555----------------------------| G G A A
Until the last part of the solo when you playe|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------|D|-5-555555-5-555555-3-333333-5-555555----------------------------|A|-5-555555-5-555555-3-333333-5-555555----------------------------|E|-3-333333-3-333333-1-111111-3-333333----------------------------| G G F GAnd then to the verse
____________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is approximately when to play the chords : A C G Sacre bleu F A Du mň d° C G F A D Tous les jours a la barricade C G A Je suis le fils du diable A D Je morir morir de milles C G A Pour la liberte - kill, kill, kill C G A C G A Oooh Oooh Oooooooh Oooh Oooh Oooh F G A La revolte dans mon coeur F G A Je suis le saboteur Dans la rue destructif Sabotage est mon premier motif Vive la guerre, vive la mort Vive la grande revolte Tous les jours a la barricade Je suis le fils du diable Je morir de milles Pour la liberte - kill, kill, kill La revolte dans mon ceur Je suis le saboteur Allez a la guillotine Ma revolte est la plus sanguinaire No reform, no coup d'etat Baise le monde, saboteur savant La revolte dans mon coeur Je suis le saboteur ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Last thing : it's obvious that some parts are not correct french. It's no big deal, so you can sing it as Hank does, but if you want it to be grammatically correct, I suggest you change the "je morir, morir de milles, pour libertÚ - kill kill kill" part by "je meurs de mille morts, pour la libertÚ, je tuerai encore" which means, in correct french "I die a thousand deaths, for freedom I will kill again" which is close to the original meaning, is correct french, and rhymes. In that case, you play it that way A D Je meurs de mille morts C G A Pour la libertÚ - je tuerai encore Turbonegro Is The Desteny! Turbojugend will eate youre noses!
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