Turin Brakes - Paperheart chords

Paper Heart
Turin Brakes

B AThis is not me
B AI was never cut out for this scenery
B AIm just a paper boy
B AYoure crushed paper toy
Nothing has changed Only paper landscapes ripped and rearrganged By an angry girl This torn paper world Chorus:
C B If only I knew that your smile
C B Awould set fire to my paper heart
B APaperheart
I live by the sea Not the one youre thinkign The sea inside of me Its just a paper dream To you unseen But you shake the ground You rearrgande the sunset and terrorise the town And its you i blame when i crash paper plane Chorus: If only i knew that your smile Would set fire to my paper heart If only I knew from the start Youd tear right through my paper heart Paper heart
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