Turin Brakes - Dark On Fire chords version 1

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Song      ~ Dark on fire
Artist    ~ Turin Brakes
Album     ~ Dark on fire
Tabbed by ~ Pilki 02 


Bm  - 799777
F#m - 244222         
G   - 355433
D   - 101112121010
A   - 002220
Em  - 022000

BmIn the morning,
When you wake up Daytime fades up
F#m GAnd your make up runs,
BmJust hold on
It sounds tacky, but I'm hopeful
There's a reason F#m GThat the world turns round,
BmThrough silent sound
D G Set the dark on fire x 4
A GNow oooooohhhhh
I got lost Inside a memory, When I was young
F#m GAnd I almost drowned,
BmI was found
It sounds tacky But I'm hopeful, There's a reason
F#m G That I found the ground
BmAnd my sirens sound.
D GSet the dark on fire x 4
A G BmNow......
Em F#m BmSo take all that you know and stuff it in a hole,
Em F#m BmAnd in ten thousand years someone will take you home,
Em F#m BmRewind the words in which you roam
A G Bmooh oooooooh ooh
D GSet the dark on fire
A G BmNowwww oooooh
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