Turin Brakes - Door tab

Turin Brakes - The Door

         E, A/D, C

Slide intro
Normal carry on while slide changes to chords Em A/D So take the fast road, and get going now, Em A/D Before you leave no trace, Em A/D Time in this place was closer than my friends, Em A/D Remember my eyes not my face. Em A/D Innocence has no sense it invents, Em A/D Another Man unfolds Em A/D Well im standing next to myself the sink Em A/D Staring into the black hole. C A/D I panic at the quiet times, C A/D Decisions at the door, C A/D I panic at the quiet times, C A/D Fate leads me to much more. Em On the inside it hurts less, Em The outside seems so cold Em I need to climb, I gotta find some tenderness, Em Before I get too old, Em The sun comes from behind it hurts my eyes, Em It dries my hair so nice, Em I watch the boiling sea, meet the open sky, Em But my soul still feels like it dies. C A/D I panic at the quiet times, C A/D Decisions at the door, C A/D I panic at the quiet times, C A/D Fate leads me to much more. Solo - Normal Tuning (with slide bits in background)
C A/D I panic at the quiet times, C A/D Decisions at the door, C A/D I panic at the quiet times, C A/D Em Fate leads me to much more. Modfather Wiggin's first tab. Pearler fo a song. Thanks to Harry for gettin me this album.
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