Turin Brakes - Fishing For A Dream tab

This represents my interpretation of the intro/chorus/part verse of this way cool song. 
is the first time I have submitted a tab so please get in touch and let me know what you 
Enjoy! Bohemiman.

Chords: hi--LoE---x546-|7xD---x324-|5xC---0102-|3xD*--x7775xC*--x5553x
Am--01220xAm*-x5570xG---x879xx]D**-577xxx]Any inversion of these triads works well. I have only tabbedG*--334xxx]these four to save time. How lazy?D***232xxx]
e-----------------------0---------------------0--------------5--3--2----|b--5-----5--3---3----1---1-----5----7-7----1--1-1---5--7--8--7--3--3----|g------4--------2----0----0----5----7-7----2-----2--5--7--7--7--4--2----|D----6--------4----------------5----7-7-------------5--7--9-------------|A--7--------5------3---3-----3---3-5--5--0--0-------3--5----------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------| E D C C* D* Am C* D* G D**G* D***
Am C
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