Turin Brakes - Last Clown tab

			    Last Clown – Turin Brakes
Tabbed by: Bryan		

Tuning: Standard
This is my version of the chords and how they’re played in the song.

C#m B A Ce|----x----| e|----7----| e|----5----| e|----3----|B|----9----| b|----7----| b|----5----| b|----5----|G|----9----| g|----8----| g|----6----| g|----5----|D|----9----| d|----9----| d|----7----| d|----5----|A|----x----| a|----9----| a|----7----| a|----3----|E|----9----| e|----7----| e|----5----| e|---------|
G EE|----3----| e|----7----|B|----3----| b|----9----|G|----4----| g|----9----|D|----5----| d|----9----|A|----5----| a|----7----|E|----3----| e|---------|
Verse C#m B A B Last clown drinking in a bar that's about to be closed down C#m B A B A hero I was in people's plans I was shaking their hands C#m B A B I got lost in the world slow motion walking and diatribe talking C#m B A B As bad as things be, I’m a natural survivor (Repeat same chords for next part of verse) Chorus: C A C G oooooh, last clown with your dreams so shallow C A E You will learn, you can never return C A C G Though the grand scheme of things may seem rearranged C A E People smile, but they never ever change
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