Turtles - You Know What I Mean chords

You Know Waht I Mean:The Turtles.
#12 in 1967.


E F# E F#Shouldn't we two be together, you know what I mean.
A D G ETo be with you is something like a dream, you know what I mean?
A D A D G EAnd if you want me to, I'll bring sunshine to you, only.
E F# E F#You better stop, take a look about, you know what I mean?
A D G EIf only you could see the dreams that seem to mean so much to me.
A D A EThen you'd know the reason why I would rather say, 'I do' than say
D B B7goodbye and let you go forever, wouldn't we two be together?
E F# E F# ACan't you see that I want you for me forever,
C#7 F#wouldn't we two be together?
B C#7 B C#7Do you know what I mean, can't you read in between the lines,
E A D Bsometimes I'm talking and it doesn't seem too clear.
E ABut if you have to know,
E A E F#I'm in love if only you know what I mean.
E F#Do you know what I mean? (x6)
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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