Turtles - Happy Together tab version 2

Turtles - Happy Together (Intro)
Tabbed by:NEWKas

Hey guys this is the intro for a great song by Turtles.
I think it's correct, I combined lots of other stuff with my own to create this.
I put some (o)s that indicate the rhythm, so the timing is very accurate.
Hope you enjoy it, it's my first tab, soon I'll upload the whole song.
E-mail me if I made mistakes: smgalaxytz@hotmail.com

Intro:e|----------5-----4--2--------------2-----0--2----|B|----------2-----------------------2-----2-------| G|------------------------------------------------|D|----4-----------------------4-------------------|A|--4----(4)----------------4----(4)--------------|E|------------------------------------------------| x2 (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o)
*Notes in parentheses should be played with a lighter touch
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