Tv On The Radio - Playhouses tab

			     PLAYHOUSES - TV On the Radio
Tabbed by: In Effigy

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Most of what you hear on TV On the Radio records comes from MPC's, synths and
Dave's strange recording techniques. I'm trying my best to translate what they
do on the record onto regular ol' electric guitar. They do it better than I do 
(if you've ever seen them live, you know what I'm talking about), so bare with 

Intro/Interlude Chords

E      F#

e|---| e|---|B|---| B|---|G|---| G|---|D|---| D|-4-|A|-2-| A|-4-|E|-0-| E|-2-|
************************************************************************** For this riff, just crank the distortion and play these notes as fast as * you can. * **************************************************************************
Riff 1e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|22222222222/5555555/777777/5/222222222-------------------------------------| "what your coy smile exposes..." etc.
Riff 2 (1:20 - 1:34)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|222222222222222/555555/777777/121212121212/9/777777/999999/12121212/9/77777| "so for whoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..."
************************************************************************** For this riff, you play the same thing as Riff 1 , except you add in the * B string on the same fret. Crank up the reverb and pick these really * fast to get the desired sound. I like to play them with my middle finger * on the E and my ring finger on the B. Here's an example of the chords. * **************************************************************************
Riff 3e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-2---5---7-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-2---5---7-----------------------------------------------------------------| F# A B
Riff4 (Ending Riff)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|2-2-2-2/5-5-5-5/7-7-7-7/5/2~~~---------------------------------------------|
************************************************************************** Note: These intro/interlude chords sound best if you pick them rapidly. * Although, you could just strum them and let them sustain. Either * way is fine, it's entirely up to you. * ************************************************************************** E (00:00 - 00:05) F# E Playhouses F# E Swept away by the river now F# E Confounded F# Sound it out now (No guitar 00:32 - 00:46) Vodka cran in your hand and whose little girl are you now Oh i'd ask for this dance but i know you'd play like you don't know how [RIFF 1 BEGIN] What your coy smile exposes A recent memory of when we shit our bed of roses And i know the moon above is shining down But not for our love so for who? [RIFF 2 BEGIN] so for who? [RIFF 3 BEGIN] Beneath the cigarettes and sugar shit of alcohol breath i can taste the ocean on your tounge Remember when we sat on the sidewalk of your old block Against the wall under the stars Talking about love's meaning Well, i wasn't dreaming I meant every word Just didn't know your demons [RIFF 2 BEGIN] Do you know mine, babe? Are we wasting time, babe? [RIFF 2 END] E F# E Playhouses F# E Haunted by F# E Broken spirits F# E Just trying to get high [RIFF 3 BEGIN] Well we chose the course but The weather changed and the river froze And when it thawed it was running Backwards and dry now I suppose it's appropriate to cry now Over wasted time And naked lies Still get wasted sometime [RIFF 4] End with feedback/bends/reverb on the F# chord described in Riff 3. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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