Twang - Drinking In La tab

The original of this song is by bran van 3000 umm yeah
Right i know im not giving much info but basically the chords are just:

F D# Bb

so it goes

e--1-1-1-----------|b-------4-4-4------|g------------3-3-3-| this is repeated at the start till after the ooo's id------------------| think lol i think its sounds better with a capo ona------------------| the first fret but not sure.E------------------|
Bb I woke up again this morning with the sun in my eyes, D# When johnny came over with a script surprise. Bb A Mafioso story with a twist, D# A "Too Wong Foo, Julie Newmar" hitch, Bb Get your ass out of bed, he said: D# I'll explain it on the way. D# Bb F But we did nothing, absolutely nothing that day, and I say: i will finish it all in a bit but i dont have time right now so yeah there you go! I its not perfect and this is more of an acoustic version rather than electric umm yeah hope not too bad, its not great i know!
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