Twelve Gauge Valentine - An Iceburg Waiting On The Titanic tab

Twelve Gauge Valentine: An Iceburg Waiting On The Titanic
Album: Exclamationaire
Tuning: Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

I noticed there weren't any tabs for Twelve Gauge Valentine.
So I attempted to tab one. Crazy song...This is as far as I got...

/ = slide up
\ = slide down
h = hammer on
b = bend
p = pull off
~ = let it ring
. = palm mute
x = mute
<> = harmonic
p/ = pick slide
v^ = double pick

(Guitar 1 & 2)Eb|--11-11------------|Bb|--15-15--12-12-12--|Gb|---------15-15-15--|Db|-------------------|x3Ab|-------------------|Db|-------------------|
I know it's not much, but it's a start. If ANYONE can figure out ANY song by TGV, PLEASE tab it.
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