Twenty For Seven – 10 Years tab

10 YEARSTwentyForSevenRhythm:e------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G---4----------------4---------------|D---4----------------4---------------|(Let it ring)A---2----------------2---------------|E------------------------------------|
same for intro and bridge interludee------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G---4--------------------------------|D---4---4---6---2--------------------|A---2---4---6---2--------------------|E-------2---4---0--------------------|
same for verse and chorus
Lyrics V1: And everything you ever told me I guess its something that you couldn't see The way you walked away You just decided that you couldn't stay And now your all alone You talk to her on the telephone You say your satisfied You walk away and you say you tried Chorus: 10 years since you've been around Now she's in your life you hit the ground You were wrong You cried You turned away You lied You think you're so cool With your schedule Your Turning plans down Now you're not around Verse 2: And Every day of the week Her times the only thing you seek She makes me happy you say This just happens every single day when i call your phone it seems your voice has a different tone Your losing all your friends This is how the story ends
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