Twenty One Pilots – Air Catcher chords

Bbm, Ab, G, C, (C)

Eb (Eb)I don't fall slow like I used to
Bbm (Bbm)I fall straight down
Ab GmYou've stolen my air catcher
CThat kept me safe and sound
EbMy parachutes will get me
BbmSafely to ground
Ab GmBut now the cord's not working
CAnd I see you staring me down
FmI won't fall in
DbLove with falling
Ab CI will try to avoid
(C)Those eyes
Fm, Db, Ab, C
Eb I think you would beat
BbmThe moon in a pretty contest
Ab Gm And the moon just happened to be
CThe very first thing that I missed
Eb I was doing fine on my own
BbmAnd there wasn't much I lacked
Ab Gm But you've stolen my air catcher
CAnd I don't know if I want it back
FmI won't fall in
DbLove with fall in
Ab CI will try to avoid
(C)Those eyes
Fm'Cause I'm not sure
DbI want to give you
Ab CTools that can destroy
(C) FmMy heart
(Fm) AbAnd judges don't say
(Ab) BbWhat you want to hear
(Bb) Db Eb, FmSo I'll write my fears
(Fm) AbAnd I don't believe
(Ab) BbIn talking just to breathe
(Bb) Db Eb, FmAnd falling selfishly
FmI won't fall in
(Db) (Ab)Love with fall in
(C)I will try to avoid
(C)Those eyes
(Fm)But now I'm here
(Db) (Eb)To give you words
(Ab) (C)As tools that can destroy
(C) (Fm)My heart
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