Twila Paris - We Shall Assemble In This Sanctuary chords

The song sounds like it is in common time (4/4)

Intro-  Am F Em Dm7 G Am

Am FWe shall assemble on the mountain
F G AmWe shall assemble at the throne
Am FWith humble hearts into his presence
F G CWe bring an offering of song
Am FGlory and honor and dominion
F G AmUnto the Lamb, unto the King
Am G FOh, hallelujah, hallelujah
F G7 CWe sing the song of the Redeemed
(2nd time)
F G7 AmWe sing the song of the Redeemed
F G CWe sing the song of the Redeemed
Bridge- C
C G CIn this santuary
C F GWe have all beheld
C F G COnly You are holy
C FThere is no one else
F G CNo one who is worthy
C FWorthy to sit upon the throne
G C FIn this santuary
F G CWe worship You alone
Outro- G C Bb C G C
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