Twin Atlantic - Crash Land Acoustic chords

Crash Land (Acoustic) - Twin Atlantic

(these are the basic chord names but obviously not the exact names)

          D        G       Bmin     A

D G Bmin ACrash land
Still I cant find you , Just as things were looking up We're Stuck Don't Panic! Because I'm Left without Food. Just as things were heating up I should have told you that your good enough
D Bmin A GCause I'm stuck here on this island
And I've lost her all over again Nothing gets better than memories When all you have are memories for friends. I went searching when the lights went out and i went searching when my flight went down
D G Bmin AI made a rope,
Can I throw it out to you, You drag me back home, I deserve to be rescued. But still I have trouble with most days and nights. But still I have trouble with moving my life outside. that's basically it for the acoustic version, and repeat however you want to, also note the correct lyrics unlike any of the lyric sites. for strumming patterns etc, watch this enjoy. David.
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