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*************  Nothin'(The Buckfast Song) - by The Twinkle Funk Allstars  **************


			    E				   G
		I never had nothin, where the hell'd I get these
			      E			  G
		The wrong situation is not what I need
			  E				G
		A bad ass mother knocks me right off my chair
		I can't contain nothin and I can't condemn fair
		        E  		    G
		Well he just walked into my zone
		      E		     G
		I was lucky I wasn't alone
		       E				G
		All my brother's they were armed to the teeth
		They never ate steak, but they showed a lot of beef

				Pre Chorus:

		    A                  C
		And all that's left to say is


		  E		   G
		I got my bottle of bucky baby
		    E                     G
		I'm gonna share it with a lucky lady
		  E		      G
		A backwards dream I'm going crazy
		Another sip of this and I'm dazy hazy

		     E      G
		oooh I
		       E	G
		get on down
			 E	  G
		I get on down
			 E	  G
		I get on dow-ow-own

		oooh I, get on down
		I get on down
		I get on dow-ow-own


more info: This song was written by Ray McCartney, dedicated to the buckfast
lovers all over the world! Keep on doin it for Scotia!

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